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June, 2012

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DateItem titleAuthor
June 30th, 2012Sisters, residents enjoy day at the Mud Hens
June 30th, 2012Father Pavone allowed to minister outside diocese, must consult bishop
June 29th, 2012Health reform law decision draws mixed reaction
June 29th, 2012Bishops urge Congress to fix health law flaws after high court decision
June 29th, 2012Catholic Charities sees surge in number of clients
June 29th, 2012Fortnight for Freedom continues through July 4
June 28th, 2012Pope names US archbishop to new post to aid talks with traditionalists
June 28th, 2012Ottawa Catholics offer Holy Hours for Religious Freedom
June 27th, 2012Mercy announces new Perrysburg emergency medical center
June 27th, 2012Distress remains over 'show me your papers' part of immigration ruling
June 26th, 2012Lourdes students go behind the scenes at the Olympics
June 26th, 2012Muslim, Christian, Jewish leaders sign joint letter against HHS mandate
June 25th, 2012Space School: Vatican Observatory supports rising stars in astronomy
June 25th, 2012Toledo Irish Festival returns Aug. 17-18
June 24th, 2012Top Vatican official calls for free universal access to AIDS therapy
June 24th, 2012Central Catholic names interim chief executive
June 23rd, 2012Archbishop Lori: Church must remain 'obstacle' to fully secular culture
June 23rd, 2012Catholics invited to join text message campaign
June 22nd, 2012Archbishop describes external, internal threats to religious liberty
June 22nd, 2012Fairy tale 'Brave' is Pixar's darkest film to date
June 22nd, 2012Catholic Charities adoption coordinator to speak in Defiance
June 21st, 2012Vatican II's Bible promotion said to create vitality in church life
June 21st, 2012St. John’s Jesuit senior receives OHSAA scholarship
June 20th, 2012'E-giving' making a positive difference in some parishes' offertories
June 20th, 2012Golf with the Cleveland Browns at the Irish Open
June 19th, 2012Fremont parish dedicates prayer garden
June 19th, 2012Mass confusion: Misunderstanding at root of 'liturgy wars'
June 19th, 2012Leader of new priests' association says it aims to offer clergy support
June 18th, 2012CHA urges expanded religious exemption
June 18th, 2012Little Sisters host day at the ballpark
June 17th, 2012Catechism of the Catholic Church goes online with browser-based e-book
June 17th, 2012Heartbeat golf outing planned for June 30th
June 16th, 2012Bishops discuss religious liberty, economy, 10-year review of charter
June 16th, 2012NDA theatre goes global
June 15th, 2012Unsettling mix forms 'Rock of Ages'
June 15th, 2012Catholic Charities offers search and reunion adoption program
June 14th, 2012Sylvania Franciscans get grant for Haiti sewing center
June 14th, 2012Proposed amendment to protect religious freedom fails in North Dakota
June 13th, 2012Lexington High School students win ‘Just Bag It’ competition
June 13th, 2012Meeting with doctrinal office opportunity for dialogue, says LCWR head
June 12th, 2012Church leaders tell eucharistic pilgrims Ireland is on path to renewal
June 11th, 2012Women Blessing Women closes doors after 14 years
June 11th, 2012Franciscans, men religious express support for nuns
June 10th, 2012Statue vandalized at cathedral campus
June 10th, 2012Apostolate deems June Abortion and All Acts of Violence Awareness Month
June 9th, 2012Religious freedom rally draws hundreds to Toledo
June 9th, 2012Pope says team sports teach values like self-sacrifice, respect
June 8th, 2012'For Greater Glory' opens in Findlay
June 8th, 2012Men invited to program on ‘Being a Jesus Man’
June 7th, 2012Pope congratulates Britain's Queen Elizabeth on diamond jubilee
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