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August, 2011

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DateItem titleAuthor
August 31st, 2011Lourdes transitions to university at convocation
August 31st, 20119/11 anniversary prompts reflection on tragedy's spiritual dimension
August 30th, 2011Catholic college students aid local family
August 30th, 2011Cradle Catholics haven't done enough to evangelize, pope says
August 29th, 2011Catholic Church has evolving answer on reality of Adam and Eve
August 29th, 2011Rossford Knights celebrate 50 years
August 29th, 2011Assumption vigil draws diverse crowds to Carey
August 28th, 2011Chant may gain traction under new missal, but hymnody's place secure
August 28th, 2011'Compassionate communication' is focus of upcoming workshop
August 27th, 2011Monumental task: Catholics hope new memorial prompts reflection, action
August 27th, 2011Toledo museum to exhibit rare first edition King James Bible
August 26th, 2011Ella's effects go beyond contraception to abortion, experts say
August 26th, 2011Cathedral concert series lineup announced
August 26th, 2011'Our Idiot Brother' lacks impact, morality
August 25th, 2011Bishop links today's workforce to laborers who inspired 'Rerum Novarum'
August 25th, 2011Leadership formation training offered Sept. 24-25
August 24th, 2011At Mass with seminarians, pope says he'll proclaim new doctor of church
August 24th, 2011Musicians present family celebration concert
August 23rd, 2011Pope tells young to build on their faith, share it with the world
August 23rd, 2011Mercy College changes moniker
August 22nd, 2011Let's see some ID: New evangelization office targets Catholic identity
August 22nd, 2011Speaker helps parents understand daughters
August 21st, 2011Novices received by Tiffin Franciscan Sisters
August 21st, 2011Judge says Illinois not required to renew Catholic Charities' contracts
August 20th, 2011Youths welcome pope to WYD; he asks them to think about faith
August 20th, 2011Challenge Girls find ‘treasure’
August 19th, 2011Rosary Cathedral campus names new principal
August 19th, 2011'Conan the Barbarian' visually stunning, morally bereft
August 18th, 2011Stop, listen, reflect on what God is trying to tell you, pope says
August 18th, 2011Delphos native celebrates 50 years as Benedictine monk
August 17th, 2011Advice to homilists: Please get to the point in six or eight minutes
August 17th, 2011Register now for 25th/50th anniversary celebration
August 16th, 2011Hospital donates $1 million for nurse anesthesia program
August 16th, 2011Earthly affairs can wait; things of God demand action now, pope says
August 15th, 2011Palliative care expert sees essential role for Catholic health care
August 15th, 2011Conference highlights dignity of the human person
August 14th, 2011WYD and vocations: Young want to be heard, invited, challenged
August 14th, 2011Sandy Monfort to speak at Lima Magnificat breakfast
August 13th, 2011Nuns help London residents displaced by rioting
August 13th, 2011Jeff Smith kicks off First Thursday Dialogue series
August 12th, 2011Vatican aims to regain trust of U.S. religious women, official says
August 12th, 2011Sylvania Franciscan picked to run Xavier University program
August 12th, 2011'The Help' brings Civil Rights-era struggles alive
August 11th, 2011Bishops offer joint appeal for help in stemming East African famine
August 11th, 2011Heartbeat to offer volunteer training Aug. 18
August 10th, 2011Unions still seen as a force for good, though some harbor doubts
August 10th, 2011Diocesan superintendent attends strategic leadership conference
August 9th, 2011Teens likely to adapt quickly to new missal, say catechists
August 8th, 2011High noon: How the sun and moon guided prayer times and liturgy
August 8th, 2011Three community leaders join Lourdes College board
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