Editorial Guidelines

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Written by Angela Kessler   
Tuesday, 01 April 2008 15:04
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The Catholic Chronicle welcomes submissions of stories, photos and ideas for use in both the printed and online editions. The following are guidelines for submitting information to us for consideration. Please note publication of any material submitted to the Catholic Chronicle is not guaranteed, but every story is given consideration. When a story cannot be published in the print edition, it will be considered for the online edition at www.catholicchronicle.org. Purchasing advertising in the Catholic Chronicle does not guarantee an accompanying feature or news story. To purchase advertising, contact Nancy Cooke at 419-244-6711, ext. 634.

Click on a link below for specific guidelines.

News & Events Coverage Requests
Columns & Opinion Pieces
Feature Stories
People & Places
Events Listings
Deanery Stories
Obituaries & Death Notices


How to get your news, information and story ideas to us
E-mail is the preferred method. Information may be sent in the body of the e-mail or as a Microsoft Word attachment.

E-mail: editor@toledodiocese.org or ccnews@toledodiocese.org

Mail: Catholic Chronicle
1933 Spielbusch Ave.
Toledo, OH 43604-5360

Fax: 419-244-0468 

News/Events Coverage Requests
Story planning for each print issue of the Chronicle begins at least six weeks prior to publication. Requests for coverage should be made early and contain compelling information to warrant coverage by Catholic Chronicle staff. The editorial staff consists of the editor and two part-time writers.

While we know parish and school staff and volunteers put a lot of energy into planning many wonderful events and programs, it is not possible for Chronicle staff to cover every worthwhile event. We can best respond to requests for coverage when ample time is given to work it into our schedule or to make a request of a freelance writer.

Program and event flyers sent without explanation will be considered a submission for the events listing. If you believe your program deserves consideration for Chronicle coverage, please explain why when contacting the Chronicle.

When requests for coverage cannot be fulfilled by the Chronicle, the parish or school is more than welcome to submit photos and a story written by someone who did attend the event. This type of coverage should be discussed with the editor prior to the event for word count requirements and deadlines.

Publication of any submission is not guaranteed, but every story is given consideration. When a story cannot be published in the print edition, it will be considered for the online edition at www.catholicchronicle.org.


Feature Stories
Story planning for each print issue begins at least six weeks prior to publication, so suggestions for feature-length articles should be submitted at least six weeks prior to anticipated publication date. Publication of any submission is not guaranteed, but every story is given consideration. When a story cannot be published in the print edition, it will be considered for the online edition at www.catholicchronicle.org.

Questions to consider before suggesting a story:
1. Is it Catholic in nature? Is it happening at a Catholic parish or institution? Does it involve Catholic people?

2. Is the story one that would appeal to or interest people outside of your immediate area? If your story is in Crestline, could someone in Blakeslee find the story inspiring or informative?

3. Is your story a unique solution to a challenge faced by Catholics throughout the diocese? Does your school use a unique approach to teaching a particular subject? Has your parish found a new way to get more people involved in the ministry or evangelization?

4. Does the story relate to current events or trends?

5. Does the story exemplify people living the faith?

6. Does the story highlight the diversity of Catholics in our diocese?


Events Listings
The online edition of the Chronicle contains a listing of events offered throughout the diocese.

Events listings are limited to date, event title, place, cost, time and contact information, including name, phone number and/or e-mail address. While many events are worthy of publication, those at Catholic institutions have priority over other listings.

A limited number of events with details is published in the print edition. Priority is given to events with a diocesan-wide audience or appeal.


Columns & Opinion Pieces
Unsolicited columns and opinion pieces are not accepted.

Letters to the Editor
The Chronicle welcomes letters to the editor. Letters should be no longer than 250 words and must contain a full name and verifiable address as well as daytime and evening phone numbers and parish. No anonymous letters will be published. Letters are subject to editing for reasons of space and clarity. If referring to an item previously published in the Chronicle, please include the issue date.


If you are taking photos with a digital camera or cell phone, be sure your camera is set to “fine” or best quality. Fewer photos will be able to be stored on your device, but they will have a higher resolution and more likely usable in print. For best reproduction, photos should be at least 5 inches by 7 inches (1050 by 750 pixels) with a resolution of 300. Larger sized original photos may have a lower resolution. Please do not make any changes to the original photo before sending it to the Chronicle.

Photos printed from inkjet printers cannot be used by the Chronicle. Photos printed by a professional lab may be used.

If you are submitting a photo taken by a professional photographer, you must also submit a copyright release signed by the photographer before we may publish the photo.

If you would like your photo returned, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope. All other photos become property of the Catholic Chronicle.


Obituaries & Death Notices
Obituaries are printed free of charge in the Chronicle for priests, deacons, sisters and those who have performed extraordinary service to the Diocese of Toledo.

Death notices, (name, parish, age and date of death) submitted by parishes and funeral homes are published for registered members of churches in the Diocese of Toledo. Due to space limitations, photos do not accompany obituaries or death notices.


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